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We have a sharepoint 2007 server. USers have set up document libraries and have also set up content approval workflows on them. I'm not sure how many, but a rough guess is 150 < n < 300.

These workflows go back at least a couple of years.

The issue is this:

  1. Some Document Libraries DO NOT have content approval on them, but the workflow running in it DOES have the 'use for content approval' box ticked

  2. Some Document Libraries DO have content approval on them, but the workflow DOES NOT have the use for content approval box ticked.

In the first case, this has caused a hidden workflow error: When the final task has been completed, the workflow seems to try to set content approval on the document, but as the DL does not have it, an error is generated & the workflow remains open, although a cursory glance shows it being complete.

In the second case, there is no error but as users are not approving the document manually after the workflow completes, the document is still not marked as approved (and the workflow still seems active - unsure on this)

This has caused the following: I have checked a few document libraries I know have high usage, and some of them have >10,000 open workflows (Case 1 with errors)

The OWSTimer service seems to be choking on this, and email alerts for tasks periodically stop getting sent out. If I restart the OWSTimer service, emails are sent.

What I'd like to be able to do is this:

  1. I want to ask sharepoint how many document libraries are there with workflows on them

  2. Of these, how many are in case 1 and how many are case 2

  3. For case 1, close off all workflows with errors & remove the content approval from the workflow

  4. For case 2, mark all document swith completed workflows as content approved, and make the workflow use content approval

Does anyone have any clue how I might go about doing this? (I don't want to look through every DL & workflow manually to check, and I certainly don't want to trawl though tens of thousands of open workflows manually cancelling them)


James Bhatt

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Can you let us know the challenges you are facing:

  • You can use WorkflowAssociations property to check if the SPList has any workflow associated with it.


  • Check if the content approval is turned on by inspecting EnableModration property of SPList


  • IMO, you should not remove the content approval from the workflow.

  • To set approval in workflow, you need to modify the association data and then reassociate it with list. Make sure you set the appropriate value to TRUE when you reassociate. Here si the example:


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