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How to get the OS user name of the oracle software installation owner on unix platform?

Most of the time, Oracle Home directory owner is the one, or the name is 'grid' or 'oracle'; but is there any sure-shot way to know the Oracle Software Owner?


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Every separate Oracle home could have its different owner (grid for the GI home, oracle for the RDBMS home, for example). The owner/group of a particular Oracle home is easily accessible using the ls *Unix* command:

ls -ld "$ORACLE_HOME"

Just read the Oracle official documentation (the quick installation guide should be sufficient): some commands need to be run as the *ORACLE_HOME* owner, other as root.

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Do you mean programmatically, or just in general?

For Oracle homes that are started by the system, you could look in the startup scripts in the /etc/rc.d directory, which usually su to the oracle owner account to start the service. If I recall correctly, anyone in the dba group can technically be the "owner" and start the services, so the concept of Oracle "owner" is a bit loose.

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Look at the file /etc/oraInst.loc which will always exist, even if you don't have ORACLE_HOME set. As DCookie says, the group is the important bit, that is inst_group in this file.

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