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I'm trying to do this query in sqlalchemy

SELECT id, name FROM user WHERE id in (123,456)

I would like to bind the list [123,456] at execution time.

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How about session.query(MyUserClass).filter(MyUserClass.id.in_((123,456))).all() ?

edit: Without the ORM, it would be

        [MyUserTable.c.id, MyUserTable.c.name], 
        MyUserTable.c.id.in_((123, 456))

select() takes two parameters, the first one is a list of fields to retrieve, the second one is the where condition. You can access all fields on a table object via the c (or columns) property.

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I'm not currently using the ORM part of sqlachemy, but only SQL Expression API. –  wonzbak Dec 22 '11 at 11:24

Assuming you use the declarative style (i.e. ORM classes), it is pretty easy:

query = db_session.query(User.id, User.name).filter(User.id.in_([123,456]))
results = query.all()

db_session is your database session here, while User is the ORM class with __tablename__ equal to "users".

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in clause is working fine, how to use notin_(NOT IN) clause –  sunny Jun 18 '13 at 11:42
Use ~ (~User.id.in_([123,456])) or not_ from sqlalchemy.sql.expression (not_(User.id.in_([123,456]))). –  Xion Jun 19 '13 at 4:46
thank you very much @Xion –  sunny Jun 19 '13 at 12:09

Just an addition to the answers above.

If you want to execute a SQL with an "IN" statement you could do this:

ids_list = [1,2,3]
query = "SELECT id, name FROM user WHERE id IN %s" 
args = [(ids_list,)] # Don't forget the "comma", to force the tuple
conn.execute(query, args)

Two points:

  • There is no need for Parenthesis for the IN statement(like "... IN(%s) "), just put "...IN %s"
  • Force the list of your ids to be one element of a tuple. Don't forget the " , " : (ids_list,)

EDIT Watch out that if the length of list is one or zero this will raise an error!

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I think you should do args = [(tuple(ids_list),)], please double check. –  zsong Feb 4 at 19:21

With the expression API, which based on the comments is what this question is asking for, you can use the in_ method of the relevant column.

To query

SELECT id, name FROM user WHERE id in (123,456)


myList = [123, 456]
select = sqlalchemy.sql.select([user_table.c.id, user_table.c.name], user_table.c.id.in_(myList))
result = conn.execute(select)
for row in result:

This assumes that user_table and conn have been defined appropriately.

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