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I'm developing a fairly simple database fed web app, that really just displays the contents of a DB in a grid control. I have a YUI datatable control which displays the data in a grid, and it resides inside a YUI layout control which splits my screen into 4 panels. The datable is sized to fit entirely into one panel of the yui layout control. Everything works well, except one thing. When the user resizes one of the panels, I would like that panel to resize the datable that is displayed within that panel. I have looked at the YUI examples. But all of them refer to the yui resize control. Its not clear to me how that control works, or if I need to instantiate, or if the yui layoutpanel inherits its properties... mostly its not clear how I can resize my table inside the panel. Any ideas? I'm using 2.7.0


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.yui-dt-scrollable table {
    width: 100%;
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