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Got some strange problem. I'm developing some complicated Web Services network that uses some VB6 .dll. In my previous post I got some problems with the dll but we've solved them.

So, the new problem is: When I debug my service (those which uses VB6 dll) on development server from visual studio - everything works fine, the problem starts when I publish my service on IIS (I tried my local IIS). After that, when I call .dll method (as I understand I need to call it by reference - and that's what the compiler tells me) I got an exception:

"System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x800A000D): Type mismatch at ..."

Actually is happens here in the third line:

Object s = (Object)OrderId;
Object s1 = (Object)lines.Length;
proxy.OrderRead(ref s, ref s1);

OrderId and Legth are integers.

As I understant this is exception that comes from the .dll from vb6 :/

What the problem may be? Why it runs when debugging but fails on IIS?

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When debugging in vb6,the IDE will register the dll for you. After publishing, have you may ahve to register your vb6 dll on the server. Open a command prompt and change to the location of the dll and run regsvr32 myvb6.dll.

Also, check these settings.

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