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I try to add mmc_spi module to my 2.6.21 kernel to communicate with mmc card via SPI. I suppose that 3 modules are neccessary: mmc_core mmc_block mmc_spi

My mmc_blk device is registered in system (cat /proc/devices). I've created proper /dev/mmc. Major is correct. But when I try to mount it - I get error - no such device or address.

I suppose that one of the structure has to be filled, to tell linux that the card is inside the socked. I have to do it by hand now. How can I simulate it ?

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I see that I need to call .probe from mmc_spi module. But I'm not sure who can do it (with 'spi_device *spi' argument). –  Bartlomiej Grzeskowiak Dec 22 '11 at 13:12

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Normally you need to have a platform device that will reference the new mmc_spi module. You can normally create a kernel module for this, but in many architectures with 'static' MMC support this will be in the appropriate 'arch/foo/platform' directories.

If you are working on a system with open-firmware (device-tree, dts, dtb etc.) support then you simply have to add "mmc_spi" to the compatible flag for the SPI slave entry into your DTS.

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