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I'm having a problem with this jQuery plugin that works with selects.

Here's my HTML and Javascript code. It's a bit large, primarily because of the many options in the select.

It works fine at first—it successfully copies the target elements. But after that, it stops working.

I've been trying to fix it for two days and don't know what to do. I was alerting all the variables in the plugin and found out that the backup variable doesn't have the right data and when it creates the element with #location[2] it also calls the plugin for #location[1].

Better description of problem I had a three selects with f.e.: brand, model, color

lets say the values could be:

for brand: Iphone, Nokia; for model: 4s, 5800; for color: black, white, blue, red

and there' should be only these options:

Iphone -> 4s -> black / white

Nokia -> 5800 -> blue / red

so when I select nokia -> 5800, I didnt want an option "white" or "black" to be shown.

I used jQuery plugin (I linked it above) for this, and it works fine.

The problem is: I have there a button to add another row of this selects and this plugin just stops working after inserting multiple rows. I know the problem is in plugin with variable backup

Can anyone tell what is causing the problem?

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Side note: class names should be a minimum 2 characters and start with a letter, rather than a number :) –  crolpa Dec 22 '11 at 12:02
its not really class names, its for that "chaining" plugin, based on that class numbers can plugin match OPTIONs from one select with OPTIONs from another :) –  Buksy Dec 27 '11 at 7:48

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For anybody that have a trouble with this class, I fixed it this way:

I made a (backup) copy of every select with $().clone(). Then after inserting another row of selects, I saved to $(".select_to_be_chained").data("original_ref", $(".copy") ) reference to that copy of select and than chained it.

To make this work, you have to edit your jquery.chained.js:

find this: $(self).html(backup.html());

replace it with:

// Select data from original_reference (if theres any)
// otherway select data from backup variable
if( ! $(self).data('original_ref') ) $(self).html(backup.html());
else $(self).html( $($(self).data('original_ref')).html() );


// lets assume that we have in html 1st row of selects
// we only need to create a backup elements
var backup_brand = $("select.brand").clone(1);
var backup_model = $("select.model").clone(1);
var backup_color = $("select.color").clone(1);

// now we can chain that 1st row
$("select.color").chained( $("select.model") );
$("select.model").chained( $("select.brand") );

var row = 1;  // how many rows do we have?
function add_row()
    // lets clone selects

    $(".all_three_selects").insertBefore("button"); // lets assume that we inserted all three selects in DOM

    // lets chain them
    // 1st we need to set reference to original data (backup)
    $("select.our_cloned_model").data("original_ref", backup_model );
    $("select.our_cloned_color").data("original_ref", backup_color );
    // now we can chain them
    $("select.our_cloned_color").chained( $("select.our_cloned_model") );
    $("select.our_cloned_model").chained( $("select.our_cloned_brand") );

I haven't tested the example, but it got the idea how I use it and it works, I hope everybody that gonna need it will understand it :)

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