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I am using Jquery validate to provide feedback to a user and provide them updates on the validity of the details they enter in the form. But I am having trouble customising the behaviour Jquery validate creates.

I have a simple form like this:

<form id="form1">
<label for="input1" />
<input name="input1" />
<input type="submit" />

When the user enters invalid information I want Jquery validate to output something like this:

<form id="form1">
<label for="input1" />
<input name="input1" class="error"/><span class="errorIcon">Error</span>
<p class="errorText">Error message</p>
<input type="submit" />

When the user fills out the field with valid information I want Jquery validate to output:

<form id="form1">
<label for="input1" />
<input name="input1" /><span class="successIcon">Success</span>
<input type="submit" />

I have set up the required rules and custom validation messages so they fire fine but I am having trouble getting the behaviour described above.

I have this currently:

 showErrors: function(errorMap, errorList) {
 if (errorList < 1 ) {
 $.each(errorList, function(index, error) {
   if ($(error.element).siblings('.errorText').length === 0 && $(error.element).siblings('.errorIcon').length === 0)  {
       $('<span>There is an issue with this field</span>')
//rules and messages defined here

So the above doesn't achieve what I want need currently and it also feels like I might be over complicating this issue. I am fairly inexperienced with javascript and Jquery. Any guidance in getting this sorted would be appreciated.



Here is a link to a jsfiddle: with the sample form.

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Could also post you css file, or do a jsfiddle on it ? Because you errorIcon is probably not shown because <span> will not display something as long as it has no content or you set display:block; and a special height and width.

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The span has content in it, I have amend my question to reflect this, sorry for any confusion. – Aesir Dec 22 '11 at 12:53
okay no problem, but could you do a jsfiddle for that ? would like to help you but without that its difficult. – EvilP Dec 22 '11 at 12:55
I included a link to a jsfiddle in my original post, I will keep updating it as I make progress on this as well. Thanks. – Aesir Dec 22 '11 at 14:16

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