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I'm using this following java and tml code


    private void onActionFromStart(int id)
       // here im getting url for the particular overlay when onclick 

In tml

    <t:loop t:source="videos" t:value="pojo">

        <t:actionlink t:id="start" t:context="${pojo.id}" rel="#overlay1">
           // here image tag 

my problem is when i click on the image it get overlayed but onActionFromStart is not triggered how to solve this problem

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Action handlers need to have default or public modifiers for Tapestry to be able to find them:

void onActionFromStart(int id) {

Also take a look at the Component Events section of the docs.

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i changed, nothing happened –  yuzi Dec 23 '11 at 6:49

Make sure you reload the server and refresh the page.

Action handlers should not be private.


public void onActionFromStart(int id) { ... }

Or, using tapestry's anotations

    @OnEvent(value = EventConstants.ACTION, component = "start")
    public void start(int id){
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