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I have some records that were imported to SQL. One of the fields 'FieldToChage' was a ParentID that referenced an old key value. When I imported the data to SQL, the new key value does not correspond with the old key value contained in 'FieldToChage'.

Here is simplified schema of my imported table:

      [ID] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
      [FieldToChange] [int] NULL,
      [OldID] [int] NOT NULL,

What i need is the field titled 'FieldToChange' (ParentID) to reference the new key value with the old index in field 'OldID'.

Here is a sample of the existing table data:

ID      FieldToChange   OldID
159      NULL            143
160      143             142
161      143             145
25       174             171
26       174             172
204      NULL            173
17       NULL            174

So an update statement is needed that walks thru the table and updates the 'FieldToChange' as shown below...

ID      FieldToChange   OldID
159      NULL            143
160      159             142
161      159             145
25       17              171
26       17              172
204      NULL            173
17       NULL            174

hope this makes sense...

thanks in advance

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SET t.FieldToChange = t1.ID
FROM zChangeTable t JOIN zChangeTable t1 ON t.FieldToChange = t1.OldID
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Thanks this worked perfectly... –  blub Dec 22 '11 at 14:45

Do it like this:

update zChangeTable
set t1.FieldToChange = t2.ID
from zChangeTable t1
inner join zChangeTable t2 on t1.FieldToChange = t2.OldID
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The easiest way to do this is to do the import in two parts: first adding the records, then going back and assigning the parent ID column. For the sake of simplicity, I'll use the table names OldTable and NewTable

insert into NewTable

from OldTable

update nt set
    FieldToChange = ntp.ID

from NewTable nt

join OldTable ot on ot.ID = nt.OldID
join NewTable ntp on ntp.OldID = ot.ParentID
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The easiest way to fix this would be to import the table with Identity Insert enabled and preserve the values in the identity column "ID".

/* Import the data, including values for ID */
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