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I want to develop a simple logger which sends logs to a server where all the logs are stored and displayed in graphs, etc.

The logger has to be parameterized since there is a structure given by the developed database for analyzing and displaying the stored logs.

The parameters for the logs are implemented with overloaded methods, for example:

mylog.error(String jobname, String whatever);
mylog.error(String jobname, String whatever, List<String> whatever);

This is how the logs are implemented by a developer when needed.

I wonder if I could use log4j for something like this?

Anyway, my own simple logging works fine, sending the logs in json to my server, where they are stored, etc.

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This is how SLF4J works. Decouple logging from your application with SLF4J and you can use the Log4J connector to use it as the underlying implementation. That being said, the creator of SLF4J wrote Logback to be an ideal implementation of the SLF4J interface. If you aren't tied organizationally to Log4J, I suggest you use it.

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There are a number of ways to do this.

I tend to prefer a Mapped Diagnostic Context (MDC) (and comparison with NDC) although I wrote my own formatter extension for displaying it as I needed ordered rendering.

Other frameworks have similar capabilities, but a mapped approach allows for some nice headings, which is handy for log parsing tools, or for DB-oriented logging.

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do you have maybe an example for this. could it be possible to log like this, using the log4j : private static final Logger log = Logger..... log.error(String string) <- standard logging and here my addition overloaded error method: mylog.error(String string, String whatever); log.error(String string, String whatever, List<String> whatever) but the – core2hack Dec 22 '11 at 14:58
@core2hack Example of what? There are examples of using an MDC on the web, like this one. – Dave Newton Dec 22 '11 at 15:00

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