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I'm having a strange problem with my custom toolbar that is sometimes shifting slightly right:

I created a UIView subclass that contains 4 UIButtons and a UIImageView. I insert this component (custom toolbar) into the navigation bar of the view controller using the following line:

self.navigationItem.titleView = toolbar;

This works fine: The buttons are actionable etc.

However, depending on the view controller that I am pushing (using the navigation controller) the custom toolbar shifts slight to right, just enough to crop a tiny part of the image view.

When I compare the view controller that has a stable toolbar with another one that's toolbar is shifting, I cannot see any different. And they are pushed at the same level in the navigation history. So I am really confused. I thought it was because of the presence of the Back Button but it is present in both views. I think the most confusing thing is to have a controller view that behaves correctly and another one that behaves consistently differently.

Any ideas, pointers, links will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Happy holiday season.

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