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Possible Duplicate:
Web service to get the GPS Coordinates

I'm using c# and i need to find the Latitude and Longitude of a location by it's name. For example :

Tuple<double, double> lat_log = FindByLocation("England", "London");

I wonder if there is any web service for such thing! because i do not have and dictionary of locations or any database for it.

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Latitude and Longitude can be very precise, London is a huge city - it has many valid lat & long combinations – musefan Dec 22 '11 at 14:33
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Basicly there are many services who provide this information.

I suggest you use the

GoogleMaps.LocationServices 0.9.1 NuGet Package A simple library for performing the a reverse geolocation lookups via Google Maps. This currently allows you to translate latitude / longitude to a region (state) and an address to a map point.

Install-Package GoogleMaps.LocationServices

More Information

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Do an HTTP request for this URL:,England

and you'll get an XML document back with loads of information including the latitude and longitude.

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You can also get JSON back if that's your thing (…). It is also good to note that google limits the number of requests to 2,500 per day. – jsmith Dec 22 '11 at 14:54

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