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I couldn't find an answer to my question.

I have 2 mysql servers.

  1. Master server
  2. Slave server

Now i want to add another Slave server but i have other website running on that server.

Can i replicate just one database?

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Yes you can

If you want to replicate just one database from master, you can set replicate-do-db in your /etc/my.cnf or set replicate-do-db as mysql argument, for example:


If you have multi databases to be replicated, /etc/my.cnf should be like this:


If you just want slave to ignore some database, you can set replicate-ignore-db:


More details on MySQL document:

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Adding these lines to the /etc/my.conf file of the slave machine solved my problem. Thanks.


However, please note that after doing this i had to restart both the databases and update the new file name and position from the master server by typing below command:

mysql> show master status;

Add this information to your MySQL on slave machine and start slave.

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