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i have 2 tables, 1 is called SourceProperties. and the other is called Properties.

a source can have many properties.

SourceProperties contains the following attributes or columns(SourceID,PropertyID,Value). Properties contains the following attributes or columns(PropertyID,PropertyType,PropertyName).

for instance,

Select * from SourceProperties where SourceID=1

will return the following

1     33     www.google.com/,...m,sand
1     34     true
1     35     Journal
1     77     false


Select * from Properties where PropertyID=34

will return:

34 bit IpAuthenticated

Select * from Properties where PropertyID=77

will return:

77 bit ContainsBooks

my question is this, if i need to select all the property values for a certain SourceID so i can get such a result

1 wwww.google.com true Journal false

what can i do? thx in advanced!

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I think this might be what you are looking for

FROM SourceProperties
WHERE SourceID = 1

This will give you all the properties, separated by spaces (but not as individual columns). If you wanted each property as an individual column, that would involve some pretty fancy dynamic SQL and would be considerably more difficult.

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