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Good day!

I'm using latest T4MVC from 2.6.65 from NuGet (upgraded from 2.6.64), I've set

// If true, use lower case tokens in routes for the area, controller and action names
static bool UseLowercaseRoutes = true;

And I got error:

The expression being assigned to '....' must be constant    ...\T4MVC.cs    

Here is the the generated code that triggers error:

    [GeneratedCode("T4MVC", "2.0"), DebuggerNonUserCode]
    public class ActionNameConstants {
        public const string Calc = ("Calc").ToLowerInvariant();

Is this a bug?

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Ah sorry, the previous change broke it. I just pushed a new build of T4MVC (2.6.66) which addresses this. Well, it's more of a workaround as it basically doesn't generate the constant tokens when UseLowercaseRoutes is used. But that'll get us going for now.

The root of the problem is that C# doesn't support using .ToLowerInvariant() in constant strings. Ideally, it would just evaluate that at compile time, but it's not that smart :)

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Thanks, David! You are fast as always! I will wait for the next NuGet update... – artvolk Dec 22 '11 at 19:08
It's up now, so you should be able to just update via NuGet! – David Ebbo Dec 23 '11 at 4:56
Thanks, it works now! – artvolk Dec 23 '11 at 11:07

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