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i am using FMDB wrapper i used this code

- (BOOL)update:(NSString *) Body fromValue:(NSString *)froms {

    BOOL success = NO;
    FMResultSet *rs;
//I have **searchTable** and in that folder name **OFFICE**  

    rs = [self.database executeQuery:@"select searchId,body from searchTable WHERE folder = 'OFFICE'"];

    NSInteger primaryKey = -1;
    NSString *body = nil;
    NSString *md5OfSearchEmailBody = nil;
    while ([rs next]) {
        primaryKey  = [rs intForColumn:@"searchId"];
        body = [rs stringForColumn:@"body"];

    [rs close];
    return success;

first time

- (BOOL)update:(NSString *) Body fromValue:(NSString *)froms{

method working fine. in the loop second time it's not working

Error calling sqlite3_step (21: out of memory) rs

how to solve this problem

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How did you solve this problem? I see you marked an answer as correct but I would like to know what you did, because I'm having the same issue. Did you fix the problem or did you switch to Core Data? – Fellowsoft Apr 23 '13 at 13:50
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Check for the [rs close];

May be it is releasing or closing the DB.


Better use CoreData to implement sqlite in your application.

Why to use external library, when a better internal library is available in the Application. You don't need to remove your sqlite table. You can easily migrate your existing database to CoreData.

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i was getting out of memory even after [rs close]; so i used :

while ([rs next]) {
          //stuff like......[rs stringForColumn:@"category_id"];...
       [rs close];

i solved my mory growth as well as out of memory error.


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I was facing the same error. So basically I had two functions, say func1() and func2().

In func1() I was doing the following:

1.) Generating the result set. 2.) Printing the result( To Test) 3.) Calling func2() with the result set as an argument.

In func2(), I was facing the error while I was trying to iterate through the result set received from func1().

When I removed the code in func1() (Step 2), the error was gone!

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