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I am writing an event handler that, on ItemAdded, checks to see if a site exists, then creates a site with the given URL or with an alternate URL. I already wrote something similar but I was attempting to clean up my code for the site exist check into the method below.

    private string CheckSiteExists(SPWeb web, string siteURL, string webURL)
        //Counter for our alternate URL
        int i = 0;
        //Open original URL
        SPWeb tempweb = web.Site.OpenWeb(webURL + "/" + siteURL);
        //Check if site exists
        if (tempweb.Exists == false)
                tempweb = web.Site.OpenWeb(webURL + "/" + siteURL + "_" + i);
            while (tempweb.Exists == false);
            //Dispose of our web
            //If site does not exist, return original URL
            return siteURL;
        //If site does exist, return original url plus counter
        return siteURL + "_" + i;

I decided to test what I have and found that w3wp went from 0% CPU usage to 50-80% and stayed there until I killed it manually. I'm guessing that my do while statement isn't acting as I think it should and it's just looping to infinity.

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This code seems to be finding the first URL that matches a web that does exist, not the first matching a web that doesn't exist:

  • You're checking tempweb.Exists == false rather than == true
  • You're only disposing, and returning the URL, after tempweb.Exists is true.

If no web exists, this will get stuck in a very long loop.

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Crap. I stared at this for so long and didn't notice that. Thanks! – Mike Dec 22 '11 at 16:30
you're not using booleans correctly if you are comparing them to true or false... – Nacht Apr 17 '14 at 2:14

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