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Does anyone have an example repo that integrates Mongoose-Auth with Everyauth in a MVC organized Express application?

I realize that's probably a stretch, but any help or pointers on how to integrate Mongoose-Auth/Everyauth with a MVC structure are appreciated. I'm having trouble trying to put all of the pieces for Mongoose-Auth into the MVC structure of my project. I'd share, but it's a bit of a mess right now and not helpful.

I started my project using this MVC with Express and Mongoose example:

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Everyauth is just one big massive controller. So just put it in your controller folder o/ – Raynos Dec 22 '11 at 17:17
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From what I've checked the documentation for mongoose-auth it seems the only connection it has is with the model, so I suggest you make a user model and put the mongoose-auth stuff in there.

By the way, you structure looks good in my opinion.


Node.js & Express.js: Breaking up the app.js file

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