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I've recently come across the phrase "multi-tier cache" relating to multi-tiered architectures, but without a meaningful explanation of what such a cache would be (or how it would be used).

Relevant online searches for that phrase don't really turn up anything either. My interpretation would be a cache servicing all tiers of some n-tier web app. Perhaps a distributed cache with one cache node on each tier.

Has SO ever come across this term before? Am I right? Way off?

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Depending upon the context, you're probably looking for something like stackoverflow.com/questions/3699582/… or stackoverflow.com/questions/337072/… . –  ziesemer Dec 22 '11 at 16:10
This is a term used by the people at EhCache, if that helps (as a source). Thanks! –  IAmYourFaja Dec 22 '11 at 17:06

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After playing around with EhCache for a few weeks it is still not perfectly clear what they mean by the term "multi-tier" cache. I will follow up with what I interpret to be the implied meaning; if at any time down the road someone comes along and knows otherwise, please feel free to answer and I'll remove this one.

A multi-tier cache appears to be a replicated and/or distributed cache that lives on 1+ tiers in an n-tier architecture. It allows components on multiple tiers to gain access to the same cache(s). In EhCache, using a replicated or distributed cache architecture in conjunction with simply referring to the same cache servers from multiple tiers achieves this.

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