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When I open a xaml, I prefer to have the page/control on the right, and the xaml on the left (split vertically). Currently I have to adjust this each time I open a new xaml because it defaults to splitting them horizontally (page on top, xaml on bottom). Is there a way to preserve my desired layout?

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+1 praying there is an answer to this one, annoys the hell out of me! – Adam Houldsworth Dec 22 '11 at 16:12
I'm inclined to believe that it doesn't have the ability to do so, unless you go hunting for the file that contains the layout and edit it directly. – annonymously Dec 22 '11 at 16:19
+1 I need this too – Javad_Amiry Jun 10 '12 at 7:17

Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> XAML -> Miscellaneous -> Default View

This will give you the option to open XAML files in full-code view by default. Sadly there aren't more options.

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I found that answer on the net and it doesn't technically address the problem. It allows you to specify full page view, not how the split view is organised. – Adam Houldsworth Dec 22 '11 at 16:20

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