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In my Android Application I am implementing a functionality for the user to add some items in to the favourites list, and later to view or remove them.

So I have created and using a file in the device internal storage to store the record ID's(Favourite item's) there in the file to keep track of the favourites list. So later when the user need to view the favourite list it can load all the information for the record Id's found in the file.

Everything works fine, but the problem is it creates some unwanted and unreadable files there other than the file I created to track the record ID's, when we use the application for sometimes. These files also taking some amount of space and not important. (If I delete these extra files even application works fine)

The names of the files as follows

DATA_Preferences ------------- 2KB
DATA_Tiles       ------------- 1KB
DATA_Tiles_1     ------------- 18KB 
DATA_Tiles_2     ------------- 18KB
DATA_Tiles_3     ------------- 18KB
[ORIGINAL FILE I WANT] ------- size depend on amount of data

Does anyone have any idea of what these files what this problem is. I used this LINK to learn and create files in internal storage. Thanks in Advance

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Why arent you saving to an SQLite database? More consistent and maybe less memory consumption. –  coder_For_Life22 Dec 22 '11 at 16:45
Thanks. Because I have mapped the SQLITE databse according to the structure of an external MYSQL database and continually the device database(SQLite) is getting updated accordingly, I tried to implement this functionality separately other than using the database. Do you have any idea what these files are? –  JibW Dec 22 '11 at 16:50

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