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Possible Duplicate:
How can I generate a list of function dependencies in MATLAB?

I have a third party script that uses the image processing toolbox. As I don't have access to the IPT, I am thinking about replacing functions from the image processing toolbox. The function where the script stops with the error message from the licence manager is rgb2grey, so that shouldn't be to hard to replace. But I don't know, what functions come afterwards. It is a big script spanning several folders and files.

What would you recommend?

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see my answer here for finding MATLAB dependencies. This will help you find dependencies the script has and which are not met. That might give you a place to start – Azim Dec 22 '11 at 16:48
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There seem to be different approaches, but neither seems to be fully automatic.

I tried list = depdir('function-name') ( checking if function is a part of/which toolbox ), but after more than 1h I canceled it.

I will now try running the profiler and checking all functions by hand with which('function-name'). see How can I generate a list of function dependencies in MATLAB?

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