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I need to fill in a single PDF template multiple times and concat the results. When I say multiple, I mean up to a few hundred times, potentially over one thousand.

I can do this with pdftk fill_form, one by one, and then use pdftk cat. We can parallelize this fairly easily.

I'm curious if this is the only option, or if there is a piece of software (Linux + OSX, command line) that will allow me to say "take this template, and these sets of fields, fill out this form, and concat the files" so I can avoid doing every one individually. Then again, if something does exist, but it's not any faster than just doing the fork parallelization method, then it's probably not worth it.

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My Perl library CAM::PDF can do this. The form filling is a bit weak (it doesn't support checkboxes, for example) but the concatenation works great.

#perl -w                                                                            
use strict;
use CAM::PDF;

my $infile = 'in.pdf';
my $outfile = 'out.pdf';
my @fills = (
   { name => 'John' },
   { name => 'Fred' },

my $pdf = CAM::PDF->new($infile) or die $CAM::PDF::errstr;
for my $i (0 .. @fills-1) {
   my $filledPDF = $i == 0 ? $pdf : CAM::PDF->new($infile);
   if ($i > 0) {
$pdf->cleanoutput($outfile) or die;
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