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I have a blog and I want to write some posts in spanish and some other in english (no post will be in both languages).

So, I want to be able change the value returned by language_attributes() function for certain posts. I've seen that language_attributes() uses get_bloginfo('language'). So I guess in wordpress, language is designed to be at 'the whole site' level rather than at 'post' or 'page' level.

I think I only have two solutions: to write a plugin in which I can define the language for each post (which would have to use a filter like here. Or to use a multi-language plugin, which is a too sophisticated solution for my simple problem.

Any other ideas? Any other plugin o simple solution?


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There are plug-ins already available for setting up a multilingual WordPress blog. You might want to have a look into this topic: So, you could use an existing plug-in.

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I chose qTranslate, although what I wanted was something simpler. But qTranslate is cool – de3 Dec 27 '11 at 22:16

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