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Hopefully there is an easy solution for this... I have a TFS server and I often work from two places. I'd like to have a folder that I just keep my random PSDs, mockups, etc in. Maybe even text file notes, or whatever. The problem is, when I "Check in" a project, it only includes files that are included in the solution. Is there a simple way to have a folder always included? For instance right now I just have a "mockups" folder in the root of my Team Project (above any individual project folders), but it's not part of any project or solution (I don't really want to publish a few megs of PSD files every time I publish my project).

Maybe too much info for a simple question, but I wasn't sure exactly how to ask... Sorry.

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You can create a Solution folder in your Solution and add the files as an existing file. (or what is a solution folder)

Do have the psd and mockups something to do with your code?

If not I wouldn't recommend to add the files to the solution.

I would use the Windows Explorer AddIn from TFS Power Tools. With it you have the ability to checkin/add/checkout files without Visual Studio, you only need to map a folder to your source control. enter image description here

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You can choose on the pending changes window whether you want to have all files checked in from your workspace or from your solution.

See How to show pending changes only for the currently opened solution in Visual Studio 2010 (TFS) and not the complete list of all changes? for a screenshot.

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