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I need to have a List in an Activity that is in a TabHost. The list gets opened when a button is clicked. I however want the new activity to open up and keep the tabs on top, so I created a class, TabActivityGroup, that extends the ActivityGroup and each of my activities extend TabActivityGroup. How would I create a list without extending ListActivity as I cannot extend two classes.

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Do not use ListActivity. Just use a regular activity. In the layout file do the following:

Give the list an id

    android:layout_height="match_parent" >

Inside your activity use:

ListView listView = (ListView)findViewById(;

    mAdapter = new SomeSortOfAdapter(this, items);

Now you can make your activity be ActivityGroup :)

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Hmm, I suspect you're going about this the wrong way. Check out the Tab Layout example. What you want to be able to do is add some subclass of the ListView as a subview of the TabHost view rather than having multiple inheritance. I'd suggest reading through that tutorial and rethinking how you're structuring your app.

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