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I am trying to set up a C/C++ development environment on Eclipse (Indigo) running on my Windows 7 desktop. I have installed MinGW onto my C drive per the instructions at eclipse.org, and added the environment variable *MINGW_HOME* set to C:\MinGW and added C:\MinGW\bin to my path.

When I run eclipse and try to create a new C or C++ project, I should be seeing MinGW as one of the available Toolchains in the project creation wizard dialog. Instead, all I see in the list of available toolchains is:

--Other Toolchain--

When I select Tool Chain Editor from the project properties, the only selectable "Current toolchain:" is No ToolChain.

I can see that C:\MinGW is installed, and I can run gcc and g++ from a CMD prompt window, so I am pretty sure that I have path set correctly.

The only troubleshooting suggestion I can find at the eclipse site is I installed MinGW toolchain on my PC but Eclipse won't find it but none of those suggestions work.

What am I missing here?

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I had the same problem: adding the System Variable MINGW_HOME=C:\MinGW-4.7.1 and appending C:\MinGW-4.7.1\bin to the System Variable Path fixed it. –  Krige Apr 20 '13 at 11:34
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It turns out that you need to install the toolchain separately. One toolchain that I found:

llvm4eclipsecdt is available at the eclipse marketplace.

There may be other toolchains for MinGW development as well.

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