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I have a two views(A and B) iOS app, each view has a button to switch from each other by storyboard segues:modal.

The initial view is A, and it has some text labels. I put some codes in viewcontroller A to update the labels text of it, and when applicationWillEnterForeground I put code like:

 [_window.rootViewController viewDidAppear:YES];

to force update the view A's labels text.

Everything works fine unless I did switching views from A and B. If I switch to B, and switch back to A, and press home button to exit the app, then I launch the app, the view A's text label never update, or if I never do switch views, when I open the app from home screen, the view A get text labels updated well.

What's wrong with my app, how can I fix this?


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you should update the view in applicationDidBecomeActive rather than applicationWillEnterForeground.

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Tried applicationDidBecomeActive but the same result. –  timy Dec 22 '11 at 18:27

Try using the viewWillAppear.

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