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I have been trying to port a function written in Python/Pyside/Qt4.7.4 into C++, the sticking point is in setting the content for the QDomDocument. In Python 2.6 I can do this:

doc = QtXml.QDomDocument("initData")
file = QtCore.QFile("initData.xml")
if not file.open(QtCore.QIODevice.ReadOnly):
if not doc.setContent(file):

And all is hunky dory (the file exists, can be read by the program, gets parsed, and the resulting DOM Document can be manipulated as I would expect), but in C++ (using Qt Creator 2.3.1, Qt 4.7.4, on OSX). If I try:

QFile *file = new QFile("/Users/UserName/Desktop/ProgramFolder/files/initData.xml");
QDomDocument *doc = new QDomDocument;

I get:

Symbols not found
file not found
Collect2 - Id returned exit 1 status
file not found

When I remove lines three and four and replace them with an isOpen debugging statement I get confirmation that the file exists, and that Qt can read it. Does anyone have any ideas that I can use to debug this?

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The error output looks incomplete. Did you include QDomDocument? and link against QtXml? (QT += xml if you use quake). –  Frank Osterfeld Dec 22 '11 at 21:33
I was missing the addition to the .pro. Thanks! –  MustacheMcLimey Dec 30 '11 at 20:42
Correcting myself: qmake, not quake, obviously ;) –  Frank Osterfeld Dec 31 '11 at 13:12

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