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I am attempting to request html5 geolocation using an iFrame so that if two sites include the same iframe, and a user accepts permissions on the first site, he will not be prompted again for permission on the second site. This works great on Fire Fox, but I am not able to get to get it to work on Google Chrome.

The Scenario: I have two sites Domain-A and Domain-B. They both include the following iframe <iframe src=""></iframe> and contains code to request a user's geolocation using html5. [note: these urls are not real but just samples for my problem statement]

According to this article I found online, I expected that when the user visits Domain-A, he is prompted that ' is seeking permission to access location'. If the user grants permission to share location with '', then Chrome should set 'ALLOW' on both the origin of the top-level document 'Domain-A' as well as the origin of the resource requesting permission ''.

However, when I set this up, and visited 'Domain-A', and accepted the permissions, I noticed that Chrome had set the permissions of 'Domain-A' to 'ALLOW' but '' to 'Undefined'.

Now visiting Domain-B, I am prompted again ' is seeking permission to access location' which breaks my use case.

I am not able to identify what I may have misconfigured. Any help will be appreciated.

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Did you ever figure this out? How can you tell which permissions Chrome gives to which domain? – Wes Gamble Sep 3 '14 at 20:55

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