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I am building a program on Mac OS that uses the curses library. When I attempt to run it inside Xcode, I get this error message:

Error opening terminal: unknown.

And then curses calls exit.

Obviously, it works from a Terminal window.

Is it possible to launch my program in a terminal window from Xcode? I know that I can use the "Wait for XXX to launch" option, but a lot of Xcode's helpfulness in starting programs vanishes that way, so I would be looking for another way.

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Xcode uses GDB, or LLDB for debugging.

You can invoke them directly from a terminal. This way, your executable will be attached to a working one.


gdb path/to/my/executable

Then, from the GDB prompt, type:


To start your program in debugging mode.
Take a look at the GDB manual for learning stuff like debugging commands, breakpoints, etc.

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I know I can directly use gdb or lldb to debug my program in a terminal window. However, I want to launch my program from Xcode because Xcode makes it easier; if I'm to start my program externally anyways, I might as well use the "Wait for XXX to launch" option. –  zneak Dec 22 '11 at 19:36

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