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I am trying to use pdb in emacs. I need to change path to PYTHONPATH=lib. But when I typed

Run pdb (like this): PYTHONPATH=lib pdb ./pychess.

Emacs gives me an error saying the file PYTHONPATH=lib isn't found. How do I specify path when running pdb in emacs? In terminal PYTHONPATH=lib pdb ./pychess runs fine, but not in emacs.

Oh I got it just type PYTHONPATH=lib emacs when launching emacs. Not sure about changing path after launching though...

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you can try to set the environment variable with in the emacs (say putting in .emacs or using M-:) like this

(setenv "PYTHONPATH" "lib")
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what do you mean by using M- ? What comes after? – Mark Dec 22 '11 at 19:54
M-: is (alt/Meta and colon) runs the command eval-expression with which you execute small elisp code, another way is ofcourse using scratch buffer – kindahero Dec 23 '11 at 1:19

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