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I am working on contextmenu for jstree, and apparently needed a clone functionality in right click menu which will actually be simulation of copy , paste and rename, so that once user right clicks on an item and then clicks on clone, a node is copied (copied and pasted in the tree , and focused with rename highlight so that user could rename it right there.

I tried code below for custom clone menu item, but it doesn't work

cloneItem: { // The "clone" menu item
label: "Clone",
action: function (obj)

Any help is very much appreciated.

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After research I figured out how this clone could be implemented, the key to do this was as paste goes on parent node of copied node. here is code.

cloneItem: { 
        label: "Clone",             
        action: function (obj) 
            var currentId = this._get_node(obj).attr("id");
            var parentId = this._get_node(obj)[0].firstChild.parentElement.parentNode.parentElement.id;
            $("#TreeDiv").jstree("deselect_node", "#"+currentId)


steps to do this are

  • copy the current item using .jstree("copy");
  • select the parent node of copied item using .jstree("select_node","#"+parentId);
  • paste the copied item ( its copied over selected item , means parent ) using .jstree("paste");
  • now deselect both parent and copied element using .jstree("deselect_node","#"+parentId) and .jstree("deselect_node", "#"+currentId)
  • Before renaming select the copied node, the copied items gets id as copy_, so do this by .jstree("select_node","#copy_"+currentId);
  • and the final step to do is by .jstree("rename");

I hope it will help someone, who needs clone in jstree.

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