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What is the most efficient way to sort an NSSet?

I currently have an NSMutableSet with the following a list of strings. e.g.: {@"c",@"d",@"e",@"f",@"g",@"a"}

Can someone please tell me how I can sort these values alphabetically? Is there a way to do this using sortedArrayUsingDescriptors: ?

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The selector from the above post is available on NSSet. Note that it will no longer be a set. Arrays are ordered, sets are not. –  David V Dec 22 '11 at 19:40

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Sure, you can use that method:

NSSortDescriptor *sort = [NSSortDescriptor sortDescriptorWithKey:@"description" ascending:YES];
NSArray *sortedArray = [mySet sortedArrayUsingDescriptors:[NSArray arrayWithObject:sort]];

This just creates a new sort descriptor that specifies the key "description" (NSString provides a -description method that returns the string). It then passes an array containing that sort descriptor as a parameter to -sortedArrayUsingDescriptors:, which you can send to any NSSet.

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I'm going to assume that this question Sorting NSSet is the answer to your very question. For the hard of clicking ...

[mySet sortedArrayUsingDescriptors:descriptors];
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NSSets are unordered collections. If you want a sorted container, use NSArray.

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