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I'm doing some inter-database operational research e.g. synchronizing Oracle, MySQL, etc.

Are there any nice MySQL databases that I can download, so that I can test some importing on real-world cases? I'm thinking of some open project that might have a weekly data dump available for download.

Of course, anything similar for Oracle, SQL Server, etc is welcome as well.

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There are some example databases at

Or more specifically on

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@Mark Harrisonall, @kokos: I could only find reference manuals on this page. Where are the sample databases? Have they been moved? –  Lazer Aug 9 '10 at 5:04
I have not found any examples as well .... –  MichalB Apr 5 '14 at 3:28

It might be worth taking a peek at The Library of Free Data Models. The times I've used stuff from there, I just took the diagram and created the database myself, making the modifications I needed, but I know you can request schema dumps from him as well.

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Paul Dubois has some sample databases in his website (used with his MySQL 3rd Edition and MySQL cookbook)

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If you want some big data sets, try some of the Wikipedia dumps. You can also go straight to the Wikimedia dump page. There are a lot of files in XML form, but a lot are available in raw SQL form.

The first link also has some instructions on how to use the dumps; parsing, importing int MySQL, etc.

Here's a link straight to the wikipedia dumps: Click any date and you'll find a lot of data in both XML and SQL form.

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BIRT Sample Database is available from

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MySQL example database is now at –  Geordee Naliyath Jul 10 '11 at 5:29

I was going to suggest but on looking, it seems they don't offer mysql dumps anymore, just the xml format. I can't think of any other projects off the top of my head that might offer raw data downloads.

You may want to clarify what format you're looking for. Do you want the typical tab-delimited ASCII dump, or do you want the actual table files? Or something else?

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