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            return this.nodeType != 1; 

I am new and thought that code would have done the trick, but it wraps everything in the <span> like so:

<div class='date'><span>Dec 22, 2011</span></div>

It is supposed to look like this:

<div class='date'>
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You might want to look into the Lettering plugin. – Pointy Dec 22 '11 at 20:10
What is the desired output? – SpoonNZ Dec 22 '11 at 20:11
Try to improve your question by giving an example of what you want. A better question name seems to be 'How to wrap each word of an element in a span tag?' – Richard Dec 22 '11 at 20:23
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It's gonna be a little more complicated than that. You're gonna have to find out all the words and re-append them to your element, wrapped in a span.

var words = $("p").text().split(" ");
$.each(words, function(i, v) {

Live example

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Thank you! It worked. – user982551 Dec 22 '11 at 20:22

You don't need jQuery for this simple task. String.prototype.replace and regex should do the trick.

I just made some simple utility functions, that wraps letters, words and lines:

 * Wraps a string around each character/letter
 * @param {string} str The string to transform
 * @param {string} tmpl Template that gets interpolated
 * @returns {string} The given input as splitted by chars/letters
function wrapChars(str, tmpl) {
  return str.replace(/\w/g, tmpl || "<span>$&</span>");

 * Wraps a string around each word
 * @param {string} str The string to transform
 * @param {string} tmpl Template that gets interpolated
 * @returns {string} The given input splitted by words
function wrapWords(str, tmpl) {
  return str.replace(/\w+/g, tmpl || "<span>$&</span>");

 * Wraps a string around each line
 * @param {string} str The string to transform
 * @param {string} tmpl Template that gets interpolated
 * @returns {string} The given input splitted by lines
function wrapLines(str, tmpl) {
  return str.replace(/.+$/gm, tmpl || "<span>$&</span>");

The usage is pretty simple. Just pass in the string to wrap as first argument. If you need custom markup, pass it in as the second argument, while $& is replaced by each char/word/line.

var str = "Foo isn't equal\nto bar.";
wrapChars(str); // => "<span>F</span><span>o</span><span>o</span> <span>i</span><span>s</span><span>n</span>'<span>t</span> <span>e</span><span>q</span><span>u</span><span>a</span><span>l</span> <span>t</span><span>o</span> <span>b</span><span>a</span><span>r</span>."
wrapWords(str); // => "<span>Foo</span> <span>isn</span>'<span>t</span> <span>equal</span> <span>to</span> <span>bar</span>."
wrapLines(str); // => "<span>Foo isn't equal</span> <span>to bar.</span>"
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While this is a good answer, why does it wrap isn't as 2 different words? – Henrik Petterson Apr 25 at 11:47
@HenrikPetterson That's because \w matches any word character (alphanumeric & underscore), and ' is in fact not a word ;) You could use \S instead, which matches any character that is not a whitespace character (spaces, tabs, line breaks etc). regexr.com/3d9p5 – yckart Apr 25 at 13:29

Is this what you are trying to achieve?

<span><div class="date">Dec 22, 2011</div></span>

If so:


Or are you trying to get this:

<span>Dec</span> <span>22,</span> <span>2011</span>

Something like this shoul do the trick:

var dateInner = $('div.date');
var wraps = [];
$.each(dateInner.text().split(' '), function (key, value) {
  wraps.push = '<span>' + value + '</span>';

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var $div = $('.words');
var divWords = $div.text().split(/\s+/);
$.each(divWords, function(i,w){


<div class="words">Why hello there, world!</div>


<div class="words">
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With an example. – Brad Christie Dec 22 '11 at 20:17

Just building on Xeon06 excellent answer.

I had to do this for a multiple of the same element on the same page.

        var words = $(this).text().split(" ");
        var total = words.length;
        for (index = 0; index < total; index ++){
            $(this).append($("<span /> ").text(words[index]));
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If you use jQuery, try this.

Specifically, you can find an example of how to split to words here


Here's an example of the .lettering('words') method:

<p class="word_split">Don't break my heart.</p>

$(document).ready(function() {

Which will generate:

<p class="word_split">
  <span class="word1">Don't</span>
  <span class="word2">break</span>
  <span class="word3">my</span>
  <span class="word4">heart.</span>
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