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I am very new to android development so pardon my ignorance. I am simply trying to figure out how to use SQLite in my MonoDroid app but every tutorial I find references Mono.Data.Sqlite.dll which I do not have. They say it is supposed to be in the monodroid SDK, but I cannot find it anywhere. I am still using the evaluation version of mono. Is this dll only available in the full versions or something? All I have available in the Add Reference .Net is:






I am using this as my instruction.

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It might be called System.Data.SQLite. Unfortunately, the assembly name is different than the filename.

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You're a genius. I added System.Data.SQLite as a reference but it shows up under my references as Mono.Data.SQLite. I can now add it with a using statement. Thank You! – jmease Dec 22 '11 at 21:19

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