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I'm trying to make a generic BizTalk receive location (WCF-WSHttp) that would accept any web service call for methods returning "void". (The location is generic because BizTalk is forwarding the message to the real service implementation)

I know that true one-way operations are not supported (except for WCF MSMQ), so the operation has [OperationContract(IsOneWay=false)]

I'm able to call the generic service with a WCF client, and BizTalk correctly handles the message. However, BizTalk then returns a response that the client does not recognize, and the clients throws the following exception:

System.ServiceModel.CommunicationException: Error in deserializing body of reply message for operation 'MyOperationName'. The OperationFormatter could not deserialize any information from the Message because the Message is empty (IsEmpty = true).

This is an example of a response the client would recognize (tested by calling the service implementation directly, without BizTalk as an intermediary):

<s:Envelope xmlns:s="http://www.w3.org/2003/05/soap-envelope" xmlns:a="http://www.w3.org/2005/08/addressing">
     <a:Action s:mustUnderstand="1"/>
     <MyOperationResponse xmlns="http://mynamespace"/>

However, here is an example of the response BizTalk returns:

 <s:Envelope xmlns:s="http://www.w3.org/2003/05/soap-envelope" xmlns:a="http://www.w3.org/2005/08/addressing">

(I'm using a one-way receive location so I did not have to write any code to have this returned)

This has two differences with the XML the client expects:

  • No <a:Action>
  • Empty <s:Body>

I see two ways to resolve that:

  1. Modify the operation contract (C# interface) to expect an empty response/no action instead of what it currently expects.
  2. Configure BizTalk to return the XML the and the client expects

Any ideas on how to obtain either solution 1 or solution 2?

For solution 1, I tried playing with the [OperationContract(ReplyAction=...)] attribute but could not find a way to make that work.

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