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Is there a way to write a javadoc comment for both an accessor and a mutator (getter/setter), to avoid duplicating information about the field underlying the method?


private float value;

 * This value represents something.
public float getValue () {
    return value;

 * This value represents something.
 * @param    _value    A new value.
public float setValue (float _value) {
    value = _value;

Seems inefficient and error-prone to duplicate information about the 'value' field in the javadocs for getter and setter....

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There is some discussion on this topic here‌​. – Beau Grantham Dec 22 '11 at 22:04
thanks beau. figured this had been asked before but couldn't find it. i voted to close my question. – ericsoco Dec 27 '11 at 22:59

You can use the @see tag to point from the documentation of one method to the other like this:

@see # setValue (float)

Eclipse will help provide code completion for javadoc as well to make it easy to create the comments.

For details, @see

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