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Im having a problem with my select statement at the end. What i want to do is select two levels but im getting no results with this statement. note that if @Level is 1 i don't want to go less than 1 or it might mess up the result so there might be a condition aswell

the part where it goes @Level = @Level -1 I'm having problems with

FROM c WHERE c.Level = @Level AND c.Level = @Level - 1 ORDER BY Level ASC

or this one

FROM c WHERE c.Level BETWEEN @Level AND c.Level - 1 ORDER BY Level ASC


Name varchar(50) NOT NULL,
ParentId int NULL

INSERT INTO @Department SELECT 1, 'Toys', null
INSERT INTO @Department SELECT 2, 'Computers', null,  
INSERT INTO @Department SELECT 3, 'Consoles', 2
INSERT INTO @Department SELECT 4, 'PlayStation 3', 3
INSERT INTO @Department SELECT 5, 'Xbox 360', 2
INSERT INTO @Department SELECT 6, 'Games', 1
INSERT INTO @Department SELECT 7, 'Puzzles', 6
INSERT INTO @Department SELECT 8, 'Mens Wear', null
INSERT INTO @Department SELECT 9, 'Mens Clothing', 8
INSERT INTO @Department SELECT 10, 'Jackets', 9
INSERT INTO @Department SELECT 11, 'Shoes', 9
INSERT INTO @Department SELECT 12, 'Rain Coats', 10

DECLARE  @Level int = 4
SELECT Id, ParentId, Name, 1 AS Level
FROM @Department


SELECT t.Id, t.ParentId, T.Name, c.Level + 1 AS Level
FROM @Department T
INNER JOIN c on t.ParentId = c.Id   
SELECT Id, ParentId, Name, Level

FROM c WHERE c.Level = @Level AND c.Level = @Level - 1 ORDER BY Level ASC

FROM c WHERE c.Level BETWEEN @Level AND @Level - 1 ORDER BY Level ASC
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Show the result you want. – JeffO Dec 22 '11 at 23:26
If you're only going one level, you can join this table to itself and put your condition in the on clause. – JeffO Dec 22 '11 at 23:26
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Maybe FROM c WHERE c.Level BETWEEN @Level -1 AND @Level ORDER BY Level ASC

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This code here is NEVER able to work:

@Level = @Level - 1

I think you meant to say:

c.Level = @Level - 1

And even at that... you probably want an OR instead of an AND.

Think about what you're asking... "give me all the records where the level is 4 and 5 at the same time."

What you mean to say is probably... "give me all the records where the level is 4 OR 5."

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doesnt work i tried it – ONYX Dec 22 '11 at 22:12

Okay, your recursive CTE appears to be right on. I normally wouldn't put name in the CTE (mostly because either the table is only the parent/child fields, or has too many), and join afterwards, but it should still work just fine.

As has been pointed out, your real problem is that your where clauses are non-sensical:

  • WHERE c.Level = @Level AND c.Level = @Level - 1 basically asks whether c.level == c.Level - 1 - which is always false.
  • WHERE c.Level BETWEEN @Level AND @Level - 1 is asking for @Level >= c.Level >= @Level - 1 or @Level >= @Level - 1 - another impossible condition.

Either one of these approaches should work just fine, if slightly modified:

  • WHERE c.Level = @Level OR c.Level = @Level - 1
  • WHERE c.Level BETWEEN @Level - 1 AND @Level

(it doesn't matter if @Level is input as 1 - because you start at one, there's no lower level for it to report).

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Have a look at the SQL below, it comes back with 4 rows for level 3 and 1 for level 4:

SELECT p.Id as ParentId, 
    p.Name as Parent,
FROM c as c
left join c p 
on p.Id = c.ParentId
WHERE c.Level = @Level 
ORDER BY p.Name, c.Name ASC
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