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This is all for the WPF Toolkit running on .NET 3.5

What are the upper limits of the ItemsSource property that I can set for a WPF AutocompleteBox? I have played around with using simple strings and slightly more complex objects as the ItemsSource and there seems to be a performance degradation at about 1000 items. It becomes near unusable at anything above 2000 items (roughly). The items will load OK but when it comes to filtering it slows down quite a bit (using Contains for the item filter BTW).

Are there known upper limits for this? If so, what are other, better, ways to handle large records? I need to have AutocompleteBoxes that handle 10,000+ items in the ItemsSource.

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There's no practical limit, however, for performance and usability issues you should consider limiting the results shown manually to a decent value, so the user experience stays smooth. Write a wrapper class and set it as ItemsSource. The class would in turn call your real data source but only provide limited number of results.

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So what's a "decent value"??? –  Jim Beam Dec 22 '11 at 22:56
I would say no more than 50 results. Personally I would not show more than 5 results, since you can show those without having to scroll. –  Tomislav Markovski Dec 22 '11 at 23:14

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