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I'm having trouble figuring out how to use LAST_INSERT_ID() for a MySQL database in WebMatrix. Can someone show me how to apply it to the code snippet below?

var clothingsize="";
clothingsize =Request["clothingsize"];         

var SQLINSERT = "INSERT INTO fit1 (clothingsize) VALUES (@0)"; }
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Typical SO - some idiot votes your question down because they don't understand it. See here instead: forums.asp.net/t/1752458.aspx/… –  Mike Brind Dec 23 '11 at 5:57
Thanks Mike :-D –  Chaya Cooper Dec 23 '11 at 6:37

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Can I assume you're using the MySQL .NET Connector?


If so, here's a pretty simple example of what you're looking for:


After executing your Insert-Command (C#, Connection is stored in conDBConnection):

> string strSQLSelect = "SELECT @@IDENTITY AS 'LastID'"; 
> MySqlCommand dbcSelect = new MySqlCommand(strSQLSelect,
> conDBConnection);  MySqlDataReader dbrSelect =
> dbcSelect.ExecuteReader(); 
> dbrSelect.Read();  int intCounter =
> Int32.Parse(dbrSelect.GetValue(0).ToString()); 
> dbrSelect.Dispose();  conDBConnection.Close();

Happy Coding!

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I'm not using the Connector, but I think that Mike just answered my question :-) –  Chaya Cooper Dec 23 '11 at 6:38
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Here's the solution that works:

Right after this code on the signup page

db.Execute(SQLINSERT, fname, lname);

Add these 2 lines of code:

var customer_info_user_id = db.GetLastInsertId(); 
Response.Redirect("~/fit.cshtml?customer_info_user_id=" + customer_info_user_id);

Then insert the following into the subsequent pages:

Before the var to open the database

var customer_info_user_id = Request["customer_info_user_id"];

Add the id number that's been carried over into the INSERT functions. For example:

var SQLINSERT = "INSERT INTO fit (customer_info_user_id, clothingsize) VALUES (@0,@1)";                  
db.Execute(SQLINSERT, customer_info_user_id, clothingsize);

Carry over the id number to the next page

Response.Redirect("~/flatter.cshtml?customer_info_user_id=" + customer_info_user_id);

Thanks to @Mike Brind and the ASP.net forum for helping me figure this out :-)

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