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I've got the a piece of a form where I've applied some javascript (the end-purpose of the js is to show the appropriate follow up question), but the part that loads the input's and select's values into variables doesn't seem to be working.

Here's the exact code:

<ul id="m_mlt_t">
<li>How long have you known <span class="nom">__</span>?</li>
    <li><input name="m_mlt_n" type="text" maxlength="3" /> <select name="m_mlt_t"><option></option><option>days</option><option>months</option><option>years</option></select></li>
    <li><input name="m_mlt_n" type="radio" value="777" />I prefer not to answer</li>
    <li><input name="m_mlt_n" type="radio" value="999" />Don't know</li>
    <li><span class="m_mlt_t" style="display:none;"></span></li>

$('select[name="m_mlt_t"], input[name="m_mlt_n"]').change(function() {
    var time = $('input[name="m_mlt_n"]').val();
    var period = $('select[name="m_mlt_t"]').val();
        $("span#m_mlt_t").append(" " + period);

In the fiddle, I expect the span to fade in and display the values of the textfield and the dropdown. http://jsfiddle.net/vxvSU/

btw the code for the following custom functions isn't included, but I know they work

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your code is short enough to post here too - please do so! – Alnitak Dec 22 '11 at 22:37
You cannot have more than one element with the same id. – Andrew Whitaker Dec 22 '11 at 22:38
I'm sure you know those other functions work, but the javascript engine doesn't, and won't let us see what's going wrong without them including the undefined qArray... – jondavidjohn Dec 22 '11 at 22:42
okay, i'll remove it from the code. – jacob Dec 22 '11 at 22:44
and now my answer works... – jondavidjohn Dec 22 '11 at 22:46
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A first problem is your selector

$('select[name="m_mlt_t"] input[name="m_mlt_n"]')

This selects any child input elements inside the select element, which doesn't make any sense and should probably be...

$('select[name="m_mlt_t"], input[name="m_mlt_n"]')

Which selects all matching select, and input elements with the appropriate names.

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Thank you! (filler text to meet min req) – jacob Dec 22 '11 at 23:12

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