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I am trying to build a little sound generator with pygame and numpy. The following code plays the data out of my numpy arrays correctly, but when I try to use this code in a module and access it either from different threads or from different processes to play two sounds at a time, one of the sounds is played before the other one instead of both at the same time

def _play_array(array, ms, vol):
    sound = pygame.sndarray.make_sound(_intern._as_int16(array))
    channel =
    if ms > 50:


I have tried installing audiere, but all that happens is that it comes up with a ridiculously long error traceback, but this apparently is the problem the installer encountered: /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.6.sdk/usr/include/stdarg.h:4:25: error: stdarg.h: No such file or directory

(edit) Now I found out it does not work on Mac OS X

update 2:

trying to use snack/tkSnack: RuntimeError: Tk not intialized or not registered with Snack

update 3:

trying to install wxPython to play the sound after writing it to a file - import wx just fails: /usr/local/lib/wxPython-unicode- no matching architecture in universal wrapper. I am getting slightly annoyed by this problem...

update 4:

see post

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You should check out our sister site, Game Development. – Adam Lear Dec 23 '11 at 1:20
Well, this is not even about games, but thank you for posting the link, maybe ill find something there – hlt Dec 23 '11 at 1:21
Heh, that's what I get for looking at the tags more than the question. :) Still, they might have more pygame-related stuff there, too. – Adam Lear Dec 23 '11 at 1:24

To completely bypass your problem you could use py audiere to make your sounds. with it you could have two different tones at once.

Using your code I don't think you can have two tones at once. This is a snippet from my frequency generator:

speakers = audiere.open_device()

tone = speakers.create_square(start_freq *2)
tone.pan = 1


Just have two sounds instead of one.

Sorry it doesn't use your code but perhaps this could be useful to you. :)

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I actually tried to install it before, but it failed to build. When looking up on the internet why this happened, I was told it does not work on mac os x. Unfortunately I am developing and testing on a mac... – hlt Dec 23 '11 at 15:06
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This has become to annoying for me. I decided to use the os-wide standard music player to play it, as none of the other methods seem to work.

os.system("open " + path)

works fine on mac.

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