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I am creating a web site where users submit their (raw) youtube links and the system should automatically embed them. However, I cannot embed the youtube videos unless I get the special embed link given by youtube. How can I manage to embed any youtube link provided to the system ? Any suggestions ?

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Cenmre, I have the perfect solution for you.

YouTube supports oEmbed, which lets you send it any URL, and get back the appropriate embed code.

Read more about the standard, and how YouTube supports it.

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Thanks! I will give it a try. –  Cemre Dec 23 '11 at 11:23

Can't you just drop this in, and update video_id as need be?

<iframe class="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="640" height="385" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/VIDEO_ID" frameborder="0">
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but what if the user submits a link like youtube.com/watch?v=rEQFsK3nORw&feature=relmfu to the system ? Is there a way to get the video's ID from any youtube link? I was thinking a way that will enable me to just update the src attribute. –  Cemre Dec 23 '11 at 2:13
Then you'll need to regex video_id out from the watch?v=... section when they submit. –  Galaxy Dec 23 '11 at 3:06
Thanks for your help. I may actually end up using this rather than the above solution since it is probably faster. –  Cemre Dec 23 '11 at 11:25

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