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iam saving a date to my database as timestamp ( int field )

Now i have an external date in my php which i convert also into timestamp to compare it later. I must make the check in the query, i cant select the date from the db before to compare them afterwards

What i need: I wanna see if the external date is same date as the stored int value. the compare should only cover yyyy-mm-dd

little example.

my external date is 2011-02-23, which is only present without hours, the stored timestamp is lets say 123747382

What would a mysql query where clause look like, or what php am i missing in order to know that both stamps are the same date?

$r_date = '2011-02-23';
$stamp_day = strtotime($r_date);

WHERE addtime = '{$stamp_day}'

addtime would be the stored timestamp in the int field

Thank you

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try this:

"WHERE DATE( FROM_UNIXTIME( `addtime` ) ) = '$r_date'"


"WHERE DATE( FROM_UNIXTIME( `addtime` ) ) = DATE( FROM_UNIXTIME( '$stamp_day' ) )"
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FROM_UNIXTIME('$stamp_day', '%Y-%D-%M') might also work without DATE(), not sure. Havent tested it –  Fritz Dec 23 '11 at 2:31

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