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<r:img uri="${it.iconPath}" onclick="goOpenIt('${it.url}')"/>

becomes this:

<img src="/myapp/static/images/icon_32.png" onclick="goOpenIt(&#39;http://yahoo.com&#39;)" />

I want this:

<img src="/myapp/static/images/icon_32.png" onclick="goOpenIt('http://yahoo.com')" />
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I'm afraid you can't. For groovy tags every attribute's value is rendered with encodeToHTML(). Post answer if you find other solution for this.

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I just verified in the source code of the resource tag lib that you are correct. All attributes go through this method with no possibility of turning it off: output << v.encodeAsHTML() –  Daniel Bower Dec 27 '11 at 15:34

After some additional research, I discovered that the following r:resource tag would fill the gap:

<img src="<r:resource uri="${it.iconPath}"/>" onclick="goOpenIt('${it.url}')"/>
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Not really

Look in your grails-app/conf/Config.groovy file for something like this...

grails.views.default.codec="none" // none, html, base64

If that is set to "html" then html will be escaped by default.

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