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In Android ViewGroup inherits from View. A ViewGroup is a container which holds Views.

ViewGroup (LinearLayout)
View (TextView)

Why did folks at Android defined this relationship as Inheritance instead of composition. As the ViewGroup contains Views shouldn't it be composition ?

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I think you're getting too hung up on the wording.

A "ViewGroup" has every bit as much reason to inherit from a "View" as a "TextView", and "ImageView" or ... more to the point ... a "ScrollView" or a "SurfaceView" (the latter two both "contain things").

Perhaps "View" wasn't necessarily the best choice of terms ... but the class heirarchy makes complete sense. Regardless of what it's subclasses are named :)

IMHO ...

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I think this is a great example of the Composite design pattern:


Even though the naming might not be the best...

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Viewgroup inherits properties of views and does more with other views and viewgroup

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