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so I have grid which I set some defaults on like so...

defaults: {
    datatype: "json",
    mtype: "POST",
    autowidth: true,
    height: '100%',
    viewrecords: true,
    loadonce: false,
    rowNum: 100,
    rowList: [15,30,50,100,200,500]

then depending on the page being loaded I set the colModel and then finally few other things like follows:

var fields = $(":input").serialize(); //into post data..

        url : page,
        postData : fields,
        loadError: function(xhr,st,err) {
            $('#searchErrorText').text('Please try again later.');
        ajaxGridOptions: {
            timeout: 150000

but when I inspect the postData the prmNames are not there (_search=false&nd=1324619663709&rows=100&page=1&sidx=&sord=asc) etc. If I comment out the postData in the above method then they appear. Does the postData override everything? If so I guess I need to append as oppose to override but I can't find any clean way to do this. Can someone suggest a solution or am I doing something wrong?

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you have to add a extra option to your options called serializeGridData see http://www.trirand.com/jqgridwiki/doku.php?id=wiki:events

so you should do something like this:

    url: 'url',
    serializeGridData: function(postData) {
      var newPostData = $.extend(postData, {
        extraParam: 'EXTRA-PARAM-VALUE'

      // newPostData now is (_search=false&nd=1324619663709&rows=100&page=1&sidx=&sord=asc&extraParam=EXTRA-PARAM-VALUE)
      return $.param(newPostData);
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+1 from me. I agree with your suggestion. Some small remarks: I find better to use $.extend({}, postData, {extraParam: 'EXTRA-PARAM-VALUE'}); instead of $.extend(postData, {extraParam: 'EXTRA-PARAM-VALUE'}); because $.extend modifies the first parameter. Using $.extend({}, ... holds postData parameter unchanged. Another remark: return $.param(newPostData); do the same as return newPostData; because $.ajax call $.param automatically. So serializeGridData can be like serializeGridData: function (postData) { return $.extend(postData, {extraParam: 'EXTRA-PARAM-VALUE'}); } –  Oleg Dec 24 '11 at 11:01
Thnx @Oleg. Will update this post soon with you input –  Manuel van Rijn Dec 24 '11 at 22:59
You are welcome! –  Oleg Dec 25 '11 at 10:20

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